Meet the

Jessica Lindsey

I'm so glad you are here!

A little about me, I am first and foremost a daughter of the King, planted by His living water, and out of Him, everything in my life flows. I am a creative to the core and 100% quality timer. I am deeply relational and build long lasting unconditional authentic relationships. I love people and even more I love to see people fall in love with Jesus. I am married 17 years to the love of my earthly life, with 2 incredible children, and one fur baby. Abideco was totally the brainchild of the Holy Spirit. August 2021, I became very sick. I was unable to be around light or sound for 3 months and had constant migraine attacks that would last hours at a time several times a day that left me in pure survival mode. It was during this time the Holy Spirit gave me this vision:

I was standing outside in front of a picnic table holding a bi-fold print. I looked down and saw children at a picnic table, where I was teaching. As I looked up, I saw children running around, laughing and in pure joy. There was such energy in the atmosphere. The vision ended and I heard the voice of the Lord say, “What does it look like to raise an uncompromised generation?”

At the time I took this vision as a word from the Lord to homeschool our children full time. Little did I know the plans the Lord would unfold over the next year.

Over the next year, God pressed upon me to attend a School of Ministry. During that year, my heart became burdened with discipleship in the home. I had always had a heart for my children, but this was a burden for the body of Christ. As I began inquiring of the Lord about this burden. He led me back to my journal entries exactly 1 year from that date. As I looked through my journal, the first entry was an outline for an entity called Abideco that provided resources for families to center their home on the word of God. I felt the assignment of the Lord and over the next several months He gave many confirmations.

My husband and I have served in ministry over the last decade and have mentored, trained, and discipled many in the ways of Christ and Creative Arts. We have a passion to see families center their home in the word of God. We believe the Lord desires us to activate families in intimacy, the knowledge of God, and the call to discipleship in the home. Our prayer is this: all families fall in love with the word of God and ultimately abide in Him together. We believe the home is one of the most important avenues in which the Kingdom will multiply and you are a part of that. As you actively disciple your children, you come into partnership with God's heart for the generations.